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04-28-2020, 04:39 PM
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  DarkRP - Staff Rules
Posted by: Carter - 04-28-2020, 04:54 PM - Forum: Server Information - No Replies

Dark RP - Staff Rules

1. You MUST have your name the same on the Forums, Server, AND Discord Server. No being silly and making different names, you're not allowed to have name changes on these 3 sections.

2. Do not rush sits, get to the bottom of what's wrong, make the players feel happy knowing that the Staff actually care.

3. Staff ranks from Trial-Moderator to Admin MUST be active at least once a week. We know school and work may get in the way, but do try your best. If you don't think you can be online for a period of time, make an Absence post on the forum and you won't lose your rank.

4. Staff who Resign are allowed to regain their last position, unless they were Superadmin, then they're defaulted to Admin. However staff who were demoted, cannot regain their position, they must re-apply from the start.

5. You must always use the logging system, to access it type /logs. Use this to help make it so you can get a much better idea as to what's going on during the admin sit and punish the proper player.

6. Refrain from being bias. It's fairly hard to not be, but if you can prevent yourself from being bias, you'll be more liked by staff and players.

7. You must be active on the website, whether it's posting in random threads, or replying to trial-operator applications. It doesn't matter, but you must be at least active doing something on the Website to help it grow.

8. Do NOT pick up players randomly with your physgun, only if they're stuck, breaking rules, or something that absolutely requires your physgun use. You cannot just pick them up, fling them around, drop them from above, or just play with them like they're your toy.

9. Always refer to the server and job rules to know what is and isn't allowed. We have the simple server rules and detailed server rules along with job rules to help you and the players understand and make things easier for everyone.

10. Try your best to not become a hardass to players or other staff. It is understandable that you wish to be able to show that you're to be listened to, but if you are too much of a hardass players will dislike that and may end up refusing to cooperate, or fear you. Plus other staff will find you being obnoxious and unfit for the job.

11. If you're having a heated moment with players, and one or both of them are being extremely stubborn, do not instantly kick them and call it a day. Work past your frustration and take it easy, you'll eventually find a way to handle the sit. Or get lucky and a player gets impatient and just asks to be warned so they can continue playing.

12. If you RDM a player, you do not have the rights to warn the player if they RDM you back. As you broke a rule yourself and could also be punished, but more severely.

13. If a player breaks a rule, and they seem very new to the server. You may give them a slap on the wrist and inform them that what they did was against our rules and to be careful next time. But to also inform them on how to access the server rules so they can read and learn.

14. Do not complain about being demoted, it is very unfortunate, but there's almost always a good reason behind it. If anything talk to those who demoted you and see what you can do to improve and hopefully get promoted once more!

14a. Do not complain about not being promoted, we prefer to promote those staff who are doing a fantastic job, along with controlling themselves and not gaining power hunger vibes. The Higher Staff will be watching you, so make sure you are patient and show you deserve a promotion, and you may get lucky!

15. Staff members should never argue with each other, you're to all get along. We're all like one big happy family, full of friends who hang out and treat one another with respect and kindness.

16. Pay attention to players requesting staff, the more you show up to calls, the better your reputation will be, and the more you'll be liked by players and staff.

17. Do not use your powers for 'fun' even if it's towards you friends, this could be looked at as abuse.

18. If you see a Trial Operator online, don't make them do all the work. You're still staff, they may be the ones in training, but that doesn't give you the rights to go off and mess around.
This also includes with you monitoring and spectating them doing sits, if you're not a Staff Instructor, you have no rights to monitor them.

19. If a Player feels the punishment given to them was false or unfair. Redirect them to the forums and tell them to make a Staff Report on you. If your punishment was justified, then you have nothing to worry about.

20. Be respectful to all ranks, whether they're higher or lower than you. You must respect one another and never start a fight.

21. You may NOT no clip off of duty for any reason other than building your base. Once your base is complete you must return back to rping you may not no clip away from your base building for any reason. If you're caught abusing your powers for personal gain your possible demotion will be reviewed by the Head Admin, and the Owners.


Staff members receive strikes or "warnings"

Strike 1- A verbal lecture
Strike 2- A meeting and 2 day suspension
Strike 3- Indefinite suspension and review of membership with management

  DarkRP - Server Rules
Posted by: Carter - 04-28-2020, 04:39 PM - Forum: Server Information - No Replies

[Image: ATOM.png]
Server Rules :
General Rules
  1.     Respect all members within the server.

  2.     Racist jokes are allowed as long as they are not directed towards other players in-game

  3.     Do not harass other players.

  4.     You may not spam your microphone or any chat.

  5.     You may not spam props, text-screens, flashlight, or camera.

  6.     Do not call an admin for a reason without substantial proof (you can call an admin if you have a general question though)

  7.     Staff members are allowed to take other players as witnesses but they have the right to determine what a legible source is

  8.     Do not troll.

  9.     Multi-Binds are not allowed.

  10.     All Criminal Classes are allowed to grow weed

  11.     If you are doing some activity repeatedly for the explicit purpose of annoying other players, it will be considered trolling.

  12.     Do not advertise other servers or anything else.

  13.     Printers are legal if they are securely kept in the bank!

  14.     Do not tell an admin how to do his/her job.

  15.     English language only (If you have a harsh accent the staff member will determine if they need to remove you or keep you as a valued player

  16.     Do not impersonate any player or staff member.

  17.     Do not claim to be staff if you aren't.

  18.     Do not use hacks or exploits.

  19.     Scamming in roleplay is not allowed.

  20.     DO NOT JOKE ABOUT HACKING. Any mention of DDoS or hacking of any sort will be met with SEVERE PUNISHMENT. Don't PM about it, don't say it in OOC, don't even think it. You WILL be banned permanently on the spot without notice!

  21.     Do not bug abuse. Report bugs and glitches to an admin or on the forums immediately.   Do not evade punishment. (LTAP)

  22.     If you leave while an admin is talking to you, you will be punished more severely than had you stayed.

  23.     If you attempt to change your name to avoid punishment, your punishment will be more severe.

  24.     Do not ask to be an admin or discuss your application in game.

  25.     An agreement must be made before commodities, services, or money are exchanged.

  26.     Call admin for assistance using @ .

  27.     Calls in OOC will be ignored. Also, if you choose to use /// rather than @ your call may be missed as it is easily mistaken for staff chatting about in game problems rather than a call from a player.

  28.     Do not argue with staff before, during, or after a sit.

  29.     Just because a rule is not spelled out word for word does not mean you cannot be punished for it once it has been clarified for you by an admin. Some rules are blanket rules and give examples but they are not all inclusive such as FailRP.

  30.     If you feel you have been wronged take screenshots/video and make a complaint on the forums.

  31.     Do not interrupt or interfere with a sit.

  32.     If you see a sit in progress that you are not involved in, STAY AWAY FROM IT. Otherwise, you WILL be involved. In a bad way.

  33.     Blackmailing of any kind (e. g. Threatening to post a complaint on a player or staff member) is forbidden and will be punished.

  34.     Respect the chain of command for the server!

  35.     If there is an in game problem talk to an Admin or Moderator by calling with @.

  36.     If you have a suggestion, ban appeal, or complaint, there are forum areas for that to take place. Do not go straight to the Owner or Head-Admins in game, we are very busy people behind the scenes. Let the forum do its job.

  37.     If you are uncomfortable posting a complaint or problem for whatever reason please use the private message function on the forums to contact a Head-Admin.

  38.     If no staff members are online you may submit a player complaint on the forums for later punishment. If you do so you will need screenshots of console, their steamID, and any other evidence. Cut and pasted text cannot be accepted. If the steamID is not proven associated with the player the complaint will be thrown out.

  39.     Bind tests are not allowed, you should not have to test in the first place, making a bind is easy.

  40.     Do not carjack in the car dealership garage.

  41.     No car/weapon or error props allowed.

  42.     You are only allowed to help someone in RP if you are a law enforcement and you see someone breaking a law or if you are basing with the player as in your name is on the door. Just because you claim to be his friend does not mean you may back him up, you need to be basing together (names must be on the door) (also if you are in a party you may defend your Party-Mates).

  43.     You may not bait in role-play, meaning that you may not purposely break the law just to get attention. Also, you may not bait in advert. EXAMPLE : /advert Cops come get us we have printers.

  44.     Do not demote while staff are online, even if they are afk.

  45.     You must not have any entities while you have a building sign.

  46.     Do not ghost your base around using advanced duplicator.

  47.     You may not put the kidnap restraint rope in the air or any prop, it must be attached to the map itself.

  48.     No prop climbing, and if it has the required access to make it not prop-block or if it has supports, remember you may not build where you do not own.

  49.     Do not ask for Ranks | In-Game Money.

  50. Fire Police are allowed to block roadways while firefighters douse the flames

  51. fire police can carry guns

  52. fire police must have the blue light on their vehicle on at all times while blocking an active roadway

  53.     Non existent adverts are not allowed. The only adverts related to role-play we have on here is | Raid | Mug |  Terror | kidnap ) | Carjack | AR | KR | Hit Accepted | Hit Complete | or actions related to roleplay events on something that is happening |

  54.     Some adverts have timers |  Raid ( Every 10 min ) If it's the same player ( 15 Min ) | Mug [MAX - 10k]( Every 10 min ) | Terror ( Every 10 min ) | kidnap ( Every 15 min |  You may only hold a player for 15 minutes)[Max 15k] | Carjack( Every 5 min ) |

  55.     Countering is allowed you must /advert counter

  56.     Every job is allowed to have printers/drugs unless you are a government official based class

  57.     Switching jobs counts as death, that means the NLR rule still applies and you may not return until 3 minutes is up. You must also forget the past life before you switched jobs, this stops job abuse. Also, switching jobs to do something in-game then switching back is job abuse as well

  58. Only Hobos may build outside, but not in the street, or blocking major points of intrest.


 Basing Rules: 
  1.     You're not allowed to have a crouch base (forcing a player to crouch anywhere in your base)

  2.     You're not allowed to have a jump base

  3.     You must be able to fit two people side by side between your fading doors.

  4.     Limit of 5 fading doors per entrance and 1 Fading door for printer vault.

  5.     Must own the front door to own the base.

  6.     If you place a Building sign in 100 font you can not be raided.

  7.     If you have a Building sign you can not have any entities inside your base.

  8.     All fading doors must have a keypad, or button infront of the door it is linked to.

  9.     Do not FDA (Fading Door Abuse). When you're getting raided, your not allowed to use fading doors to your advantage (EX: Shooting through them)

  10.     You're only allowed to have one house.

  11.     Everyone living in the house must (co)own the door.

  12.     Prop Block is not allowed there must be 1 entrance.

  13.     You're allowed to have a minimum time of up to 5 seconds for keypads. Anything less allows staff to remove it.

  14.     You're allowed to have KOS Sign but only for your base no kos for loitering.

  15.     One-ways are allowed but only 5 per base.

Mega basing rules:
     1.     You're required to have at least 5 players in your party to mega base.
     2.     You must have approval from a staff member of ranking Admin, or higher.

     3.     Maximum number of fading doors is 5.


If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact a staff member!

Posted by: swag - 04-27-2020, 04:44 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

hi Big Grin

  Staff Application Format
Posted by: Carter - 04-27-2020, 03:12 AM - Forum: Staff Applications - Replies (1)

Application Status : Open


  • Must have a working microphone
  • Must have a discord account and be a member of the Atom Gaming server
  • Must be at least 13 years of age
  • May NOT have more than 3 (three) warnings
  • May NOT have a ban on record
  • Must be an active player with at least 5 hours of playtime
  • Must show a true interest in roleplay of the server
  • Must read and understand the rules
General Information-
1. What is your in-game name?:

2. How long have you been apart of the community?:

3. Are you a member of the discord (y/n)?:

4. What is your current playtime?:

5. How old are you?:

6. How many server warnings do you have (if none type "n/a")?:

7. Why are you looking to join the staff team?:

8. What can you bring to the team?:

9. Have you ever been banned from Atom Gaming?:

Exam Questions-

1. If a player kills 3 or more people without a valid role-play reason, what should their punishment be?:

2. If a player threatens to DDoS the server, what punishment should they receive?:

3. If a player spams the chat, or over voice, what should their punishment be?:

4.If a player RDMs (Random Death Match) only once, what should their punishment be?:

Scenario Questions (Must score a 70% or higher)-

1. A player calls for a sit claiming that someone killed their friend, but their friend has left the server.  What should you do?:

2. A player calls for a sit accusing John Doe of coming back to his base 4 minutes after dying in a raid? The player wasn't raiding again, but completing another criminal act.  What is John Doe's punishment?:

3. A player calls for a simple RDM.  The subject changed his nickname.  What should you do to determine the identity of the player?:

4. You are accused of committing an offense regarding staff abuse, what should you instruct the player to do with his complaint?:

5. You are off duty and witness a blatant case of RDM, what do you do?:

6. A player calls for a sit because a cop arrested him something that he claims isn't on the law board.  What is your course of action when determining whether or not to punish the cop?:

7. You witness another staff member acting poorly, but not in violation of staff rules.  What can you do if you feel he/she is out of line?:

8. A player leaves the server after breaking NLR (New Life Rule.). What should you do to ensure that the player is punished?:

9. You are apart of a base with your friends off duty.  A player blatantly breaks the rules and RDMs you in your base.  What are the next steps to take?:

10. You notice a player attempting to crash the server while on duty.  What is the appropriate course of action to take?:


Thank you for applying.  

After your application is posted to the forums, staff members have an opportunity to reply if they have any objections.  Applications are reviewed once every 2 days. If you are accepted, your application will be moved to the accepted folder and you will need to complete an interview on discord.  Once that is complete, you will be welcomed to the server as a staff member.   If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to management.